A Random Project

When I was in high school, I was crazy about photography (I still am). I started taking pictures at horse shows, and learned how to take action shots of horses jumping. From there, I started to get more artistic, but needed some direction to my work – I like things to be organized. I think that might be the science side of my brain coming through. I wasn’t in any photography classes or anything, so I came up with a project of my own. I have no idea how I came up with it, but it ended up being a series of photographs set to lyrics from some of my favourite songs.

There were a few ideas I had in mind, and I spent a few weeks setting up shots and listening to music for ideas. I remember walking outside in the cold to get a picture of a sunset, and lying on the ground at school to get  a picture of some water flowing down pavement. I got yelled at for that last one, as I went to a school that required uniforms, and one teacher was not impressed that I would lie on the cement and get my blouse dirty. Still, I got the pictures I wanted, and then retreated to photoshop to get the look I wanted.

The lyrics are from Queen's The Show Must Go On

What the pictures on my wall look like. Lyrics from Queen’s The Show Must Go On

I wanted the focal point of the picture to be in a single colour, with the rest of the picture in black and white. Unfortunately, I didn’t really know how to use photoshop, so I laboriously spent hours deleting things pixel by pixel, instead of using any of the smart select options that wonderful program has. Still, eventually I got the results I desired, and it has since become one of the projects I am the most proud of. I printed it in a lovely book, with the pictures on one page and the lyrics on the other. It looked really snappy, but to hang them on my wall I opted for a design with the pictures on top and lyrics on the bottom. They still look awesome, but the book is where I meant them to be.

Here’s some of my personal favourites:

The Beatles (Within You Without You): Life goes on within you and without you


Led Zeppelin (Stairway to Heaven): To be a rock and not to roll


David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust): But boy could he play guitar


Barry McGuire (Eve of Destruction): And you’re telling me, over and over and over again, my friend, you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction


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