The First Snow of the Year

January’s theme was Holiday, so I wrote this story: It was the strangest assortment of animals. Grizzly bears sat silently next to mountain lions, who in turn ignored the herd of deer that stood calmly by the edge of the clearing. There were small animals too: foxes, pine martins, rabbits and voles. Birds lined the…

western pictures9

A Western Story

Here’s my take on a western, written for our short story group. It is called ‘The Man With No Face’  There are some people who are quite terrible at everything. Cole Lightfingers was one of those people. But there was one thing ‘Fingers was good at, and he had built his entire life around it.…

Hei, from Darker Than Black

Christmas presents!

So I decided to make a bunch of Christmas presents for my roommates, and since we all watch anime together, coming up with ideas was pretty easy. I went back to watercolours for these, because they are my favourite medium to work with.

pic-P-A-Paris Peace Conference (1919)

Historical Fiction!

Here’s the story I wrote for our short story group. Genre: historical fiction. I had just finished reading Margaret MacMillan’s wonderful book Paris 1919.  We were supposed to change the world. The winter sun shone brightly through a smattering of clouds, a promise of the spring to come. A spring of hope, after four years of…


The Wall

A while ago I posted a short story I wrote for a horror writers group  I attended in Toronto. This inspired me to start a similar group, where we write stories each month in random genres. I have a couple backed up to post on this blog, but here’s one I wrote a few months back…


Noragami art!

One of my roommates is finishing up his Master’s this week, and as a present for working so hard, I decided to paint one of his favourite anime characters, the god Yato form Noragami. It ended up turning into a bit of a bigger project, as I decided to paint Yukine for my other roommate and…

Abstract pattern of blurry lights.

Shadows and Sprites

Here’s a story I wrote for our short story group. The theme was children’s story. I’m not sure how much I like the actual story, but I do enjoy the lands in it. In lands far away from ones familiar to you and me, there exist two great cities, each extraordinary in its own right,…