My Style

So it seems I’ve developed a bit of a style in my paintings. Obviously everyone who makes art has some kind of style, but the last five paintings I’ve done have been very similar. Three of them, at least, are part of a set (see this post), so it makes sense that they are done the same way. The fourth painting was done for my roommate, who really liked the jellyfish painting in the Trimurti series. Of course, I couldn’t give that painting away without disrupting the set, so I made a new one for her. It looks like this: 


I think it’s really pretty, and though you can’t see it well in the picture, the circles are different pastel colours. It looks very nice and calming. The other picture I’ve painted recently is this one: 


As you can see, same style. It just comes really easily to me, and for some reason I find sea creatures very easy to paint. The idea behind this painting was that the fish eggs are trapped between man and nature, and only very few of them will survive (perhaps the one in the top right?). 

Although I like the style I’ve developed, the painting I’m working on now is quite different, and more realistic. We’ll see how it turns out! 

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