Camp NaNo 2015!

It’s that time of year again: Camp Nano! Somehow I always end up doing better in Camp Nano than NaNoWriMo itself — possibly because there’s a flexible word count goal in Camp Nano, but also because November is always the worst time of year for me, while April is pretty relaxed.

I usually try and set a lower word count goal than the standard 50,000 and just get some work done on a specific project. This has been very successful in the past, but in the past I’ve also maintained a relatively consistent (if scattered over multiple projects) level of writing.

This year is a little different though; I had wrist surgery in January and had to take about two months off writing. So now I just want to start writing again, and to jump start me I’ve decided I’m going to write the full 50,000 words in April — but these words include everything. Writing new chapters, world-building, editing old works — even this blog post counts!

So wish me luck and hopefully I get a done of writing done this month!

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