Starting is so easy…

Why is starting new things so easy, and more importantly, so fun? In the last month, I’ve started to try and sort out all the various books and projects I’ve been working on, and the result is pretty daunting. Every time I try and sit down to actually work on one, a new idea pops into my head, or a scene from another book suddenly starts writing itself. Here’s a list of projects I currently have in the works:

  • Grimalkin: my only actually completed novel; one I would like revise at some point
  • Darkness in the Shadow (tentative title): a fantasy series involving tons of magic, multiple worlds, and general epicness. Have around 50,000 words written, but have realized major reworking is needed before I’m ready to move on to book 2
  • The Order of Batania: a fantasy book about a boy who’s lost his memory and desperately needs to find it again
  • A book about dragons: a post-apocalyptic book involving dragons where the main character helps run a dragon rescue
  • Time worlds: a sci-fi adventure about multiple different Earths far in the future
  • Raindrops short story: this I still haven’t finished, despite many promises to myself
  • A random tale from the Selasi Empire: something that just popped into my head after reading some old world-building I did years ago. I really like the first few scenes but that’s all I’ve got so far – there isn’t even a hint a of a plot.
  • Some other minor things: a fantasy world I worked on that was supposed to be a collaboration with a friend that is still getting started; a book about shadows; a book about politics in a fantasy world

Okay – this list has me pumped up. I have to start writing something. I’m planning on doing real NaNo this year, so I have to pick something to work on. I’m thinking either the Order of Batania or the dragon book. We’ll see. In the meantime, I’m going to try and not start anything new. I don’t mind bouncing back and forth between projects, as long as there’s progress on the ones that I’ve already started. So I just have to promise to stop starting things. Hopefully that way I’ll be able to get something done.

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