Connecting With Writers

I’ve often wanted to meet other writers, and though I’m part of a Meetup group for writers in my area, I’ve never quite found the courage to go meet with them. Mostly I think it’s because I’m fairly shy, and I consider myself an amateur writer, not a professional or aspiring professional like others in the group. 

So when I checked out the CampNano sponsors for this month, I was very excited to find out about Inked Voices, a website that features small groups of writers that critique each other’s writing. Two things attracted me to the site: the anonymity of the internet gives me enough confidence to let others read my work; and the fact that the site costs money. I know paying for things is usually not what people want, but the fact that I’ve actually paid money to be part of the site is a great motivator to keep active on it. 

I’ve only been a member for about a month, but it’s a great site, and members of my group have critiqued the first chapter of my fantasy novel, which has been unbelievably helpful. I also get to read their work, which is awesome! 

So if you’re interested check out the site here:, and look for me! My groups are Fantasy and Amateur Corner. 

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