What character would you be?

If you were in a novel, what character would you be? Would you be the protagonist, the unlikely hero who has to save the world? Or would you be a support character, one that helps the hero along through all the trials and tribulations that beset them? Maybe you’d even be a villain, a diabolical figure that plots the demise of the main characters.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what kind of character I would be since Camp NaNo started and I’ve been writing again. I like to try and put myself in each of my character’s shoes, and see the world through their eyes. So then I started thinking: what if I were really them?

I’d like to think I could be a main character, but I honestly don’t think I have the guts for it. Maybe it’s because I like fantasy novels, so my main characters always have to go up against the forces of darkness and conquer all kinds of evils. So more likely I’d be a support character, who has to be saved by the hero all the time, but is there in key situations when the hero needs me most. Even more likely, I’d be a character from the hero’s past, that sits around doing nothing while the hero runs around defeating his enemies. I probably wouldn’t even have a speaking role, but would just be mentioned in a couple lines in the hero’s backstory. I might be selling myself short, but I have the feeling that if I were presented with some of the situations my characters are put in I would simply try and run away or hide. And never come out from my hiding place, ever.

So if you’ve never thought about it before, ask yourself: what kind of character would you be?

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