Mouse Sketches

Remember how a while ago I said I couldn’t really draw anything from my head? Well, that’s still pretty much true. I did say that I was going to practice, which of course I haven’t done much of. But this week I was in the lab with not a lot to do, and I just started sketching mice (we have over 400 in the lab). And you know what? It wasn’t too bad. I think when you spend sixteen hours in one week doing nothing but watching mice, you get a pretty good sense of what they look like. So I guess whenever I want to draw an animal I should just watch ninety of them for sixteen hours. No problem. Anyway, here are the sketches, just quick little things I did in the lab (and then copied and filled them in at home to make them look better). Also I don’t have a scanner so these are pictures from my phone (and thus lacking in quality).

photo (13)photo (14)photo (15)photo (17)


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