Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head – Part 2

I have no time to write, no time to do anything. Exams, essays, projects, helping out with research projects. I’m swamped. But I don’t want to leave you too bored, so here’s the next section of my short story about Rama, the raindrop who dared to love. Part 1 is here: Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head – Part 1

And here’s part 2!

It is never a good idea for a water drop to fall in love. Their lives are by nature dynamic, and drops rarely stay in one place for more than five years. Drop myths are full of cautionary tales about young and foolish drops who fell madly in love only to be wrenched apart and separated for the remainder of their wretched lives.

But love is not something that can be ignored, and it comes unexpectedly and forcefully. Most drops are so conditioned against love that they barely form even the most basic of relationships, only making shallow friendships that are easily formed and easily broken. But for those drops that live more passionately, that get all they can out of life, love comes and sweeps them away, igniting a passion so strong that few can ignore it.

Such was the case with Rama. He met the girl that changed his life at a coffee shop on the way to work, the Thirsty Cloud. He first noticed her as he was standing in line, waiting to get his morning brew. She was thin and willowy, with the kind of graceful bearing one only sees in drops who are completely confident with themselves and their place in the world. But it was not her beauty that drew Rama’s attention to her. She had around her thin droplet neck a strange and intriguing necklace, one that was made of a material Rama had never seen before.

In the high and windy land of the clouds, the only materials were the water that made up the droplets and cloud animals, and various ions that made their way into the clouds. It was these which formed the many buildings, instruments and food which made life in the stratosphere possible. But heavier elements, while common on the distant ground below that the drops called Fall’s End, were almost unheard of in the clouds.

Rama couldn’t take his eyes off the necklace. The shiny brown metal caught the light and sent it dancing across the cafe walls. Every movement the drop made caused flashes of light to hit Rama’s eyes, making it impossible for him to turn away. The barista had to call his name three times before Rama snapped out of his reverie. Rama smiled apologetically and gave the drop his usual order: an extra hot large non-fat latte with a dab of caramel on the top. The order was less a reflection of Rama’s particularities and more just a thing that had developed in his explorative youth, and had since become an expression of the tedious monotony that governed his life.

‘You get the same thing as me,’ a soft and amused sounding voice said from beside him. Rama looked up, startled. The drop with the strange necklace was standing in front of him, a slight smile on her face. Despite his best efforts to be polite Rama couldn’t help but let his gaze drift down to the necklace. ‘You ever seen metal before?’ The drop asked him.

‘Once.’ Rama said. ‘When I was very young. But it wasn’t so shiny, just a dull heavy grey.’ Suddenly he realized just how horribly rude he was being, and looked into her face with a blush. ‘I’m sorry.’ He mumbled. ‘I didn’t mean to be so rude.’

‘That’s alright.’ The drop said with a laugh. ‘I get it a lot, wearing something so strange in public. My name’s Kisa, and you order the exact same thing I do.’

‘Really?’ Rama said. ‘That’s… interesting.’

Kisa laughed. ‘Not really. Just a coincidence. You also forgot to introduce yourself.’

‘Oh.’ Rama stuttered. ‘Sorry. The name’s Rama. It’s a pleasure to meet you.’

‘Likewise.’ Kisa picked up her coffee from the counter and waved towards a nearby table. ‘Do you have a couple of minutes to spare?’

Rama looked down at his watch. He had to work in twenty minutes, and it took eighteen to get there. His morning routine was so precisely calculated that he left himself barely a minute to spare. ‘Sure.’ He replied and sat at the table. Something about Kisa made him forget about work. ‘I’ve got a few minutes.’

Part 3 coming when my life slows down for five seconds and I can actually get some writing in. Hopefully soon!

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