Drawing from my Head

Every potential piece of art looks fabulous in my head. I think of something to draw or paint, and in my mind it’s beautiful. Then I try and put it down on paper, and nothing works. It always looks awful. Say I have an image in my head of a cat lying in a tree. Easy, right? I know what cats look like. But once I start drawing the cat turns into some deformed lump with maybe four legs and possibly some ear like things sticking out of its head.

The strange thing is that I’m quite good at drawing from a picture. Almost all my art is drawn from pictures I’ve taken, or ones I’ve found on the internet. I love the stuff I’ve done, and I put them up on my walls, but I wish I could draw from my head. I always feel like I’m cheating, and not really creating something when I simply copy a picture someone else has taken.

A picture I drew from something I found online

A picture I drew from something I found online

There’s a fairly simple solution to this problem – practice. The more you practice drawing right from your head the better you get. I know this, but I still have trouble doing it, because I’m a perfectionist. If I start to work on something and it looks like crap, I scratch it out. If I’m going to make something, I want it to be perfect.

But life isn’t perfect, and I’m certainly not. I need to get over this need for perfection. So my new goal is this: once a week (or so), to draw something, not from a picture or from something I see, but from my head. Hopefully this will help me become a better artist, and maybe get over my fear of failing. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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